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    The school info Empty The school info

    Post  Luna_Mizuki on Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:13 pm

    The academy was founded some 2,100 years ago.The Academy was once called the Shinigami Academy. It was then changed to the Spiritual Arts Academy when it developed into an institute for the next generation of the Kidō Corps and the Onmitsukidō as well as the Shinigami of the Gotei 13. Although, it is still referred to as Shinigami Academy in Rukongai.
    The Academy is a sprawling, multiple story building with architecture typical of Seireitei. It has an open courtyard, many class rooms, dormitories and practice areas for Zanjutsu, Hakuda, Hohō, and Kidō. According to a few soul reapers the commandment all Shinigami are taught at the Academy is "Do not seek beauty in battle. Do not seek virtue in death. Do not make the mistake of considering only your own life. If you wish to protect that which you must protect... ...slice the enemy you must defeat from behind."

    The uniform of the Academy is similar to the standard Shinigami Shihakushō uniform, but with a different colour scheme. The women's style consists of a red shitagi (under shirt), a white kosode (shirt) with red stripes, red hakama (trousers), white socks and sandals. For the male version of the uniform, the red is replaced with blue. There is a circular symbol on both breasts of the outer shirt. This appears to be the emblem of the Academy.

    The Academy's curriculum is taught over six-years, though exceptionally gifted students have been known to graduate from the academy in less time than this.In addition to a more general education, the pupils are taught how to control and make use of their Spiritual Energy, as well as the four major Shinigami combat forms of Hakuda, Hohō, Kidō and Zanjutsu. Students also learn how to perform Soul Burials, learning to communicate with the spirit of their Zanpakutō and are prepared for the general duties of a Shinigami. Upon completing the Academy's curriculum, a student will then apply to join a division of the Gotei 13, Kidō Corps or Onmitsukidō.

    Applicants to the academy must pass an entrance exam in order to be admitted, and likely must demonstrate that they have some Spiritual Energy. The entrance exam seems to be open to any and all who wish to apply, resulting in a wide range of individuals (of any age) joining, from nobles and residents of the more hospitable districts of Rukongai to its more barbaric outer regions. The results of the entrance exam are used to divide up the successful applicants into different classes, with those who obtain the highest grades being placed in the first class. At the start of the academic year, there is a welcoming ceremony for the new students. If an applicant fails the exam, it may be taken again, though presumably only in the subsequent year.

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