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    rules and punishments


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    rules and punishments Empty rules and punishments

    Post  Tenshin on Tue Jun 12, 2012 12:35 am

    okay each rule that is listed here has a severity level their will be at least three levels of severity first level you get a few warnings and you are automaticly suspended from the site for a week and your suspension will get even longer the more you brake the rules. The second level you will automaticly get suspended after braking the rule and after a few times of braking the rule your account will be deleted and you wont be allowed back on. The final level of severity will be automatic deletion of your account and you will not be allowed back.

    level 1
    1. no hurrasing people. if someone tells you to leave them alone do it.
    2. no bullying
    3. no threatening others.
    4. no god modding
    5. no killing off other peoples characters (you can try and wound them, but if they decide that their character dies is entirely up to them not you.)

    level 2
    1. no sexually esplicited posts on the forums.
    2. no racism
    3. no falsely reporting others. (every report that is made will be investigated and will need proof that it had happened before anything can be done about it)

    level 3

    common sense
    1. If your going to attack a village or town of some sort make sure you have at least 8-10 people.
    2. Before a village or town can be attacked their has to be at least 8-10 active players that are apart of the clan.
    3. no destroy villages or towns unless you get at least 2-3 moderator/admins permission.
    4. no automaticly jumping from one village/town to another (apart from the soul society, but you ether have to be a soul reaper or with a soul reaper to open the gate to get there.)
    5. no jumping to the soul society and automaticly to another village/town just to save yourself the hassle of having to post throughout the forums.
    6. have as much SAFE fun as you want.

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