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    Tenshin Sasaki


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    Tenshin Sasaki

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    name: Tenshin Sasaki

    age: 25


    appearance: Tenshin usually will be seen in a pure white slightly baggy tank top. He has white wraps that go from his shoulders down to his wrists and from his chest down to his waist. He has a pair of gloves covering the summoning tattoos on the palms of his hands. On his left hand he has a light ninja tool summoning symbol. On his right hand he has a beast summoning symbol. He has pure white slightly baggy shorts with white wraps covering from the middle of his thighs down to his feet. His foot wear is white ninja sandles. He has a ninja tool holster on the outsides of his right and left legs. He will carry around a medium lengthed defense blade on the back of his waist band and a double edged katana on his back.

    His eye color is a icy blue, hair color is jet black, and his body style is well chiseled, but light weight. He has scares covering his body hint the reason that he has the white wraps all over his body.

    personality: Tenshin is a very laid back person and easy to get along with. He normally will stay out of everyones business unless he feels that he needs to prevent any unneeded violence. He preferes reading a book on a mountain side then things like sparring to test his strength like most people like to do. He usually wont do anything when someone tries to provoke him, but hell everyone has their limits. He grew up being abused so he is kind of jumpy when it comes to people raising their hands or making swift movements around him.

    His favorite things to do are collect weapons from all over the world, drawing, relaxing anywhere there is beautiful scenery, and eating sushi and ramen. Things that he cant stand are bullies, snobs, betrayers, and abusive people. Tenshin is also the type that would give his life for someone he doesnt even know just to protect them from someone that is abusing them.

    style: Tenshin specializes in taijutsu, but he is still skilled in ninjutsu and even better in genjutsu.

    rank: Hokage

    clan: Sasaki clan

    history: Tenshin is currently the head of the Sasaki clan. He is also the founder of it. The clans secret technique wasnt created or even founded by him, but did have it passed down to him when he was very young before he was even a academy student by his first trainer. He didnt realize that he had it until after the old man died and he read it in a scroll that was passed down to him after his death.

    When a year after the old man died he was able to unlock this secret technique. Over the years of training this technique he finally had it mastered. Now soon after that his village went to war with the soul society and the seventh Hokage was killed. As they searched for the next Hokage somehow his name was brought up and he was elected to become the Hokage.

    After becoming the Hokage Tenshin was able to quickly build his clan into one of the strongest clans in the hidden leaf village. It is even known to be able to rival against the Uchiha and Hyuga clans. So now that the clan is beginning to grow uncontrollably it has been targeted by rival villages assassins.

    role play example: The day had finally came where Tenshin was to graduate from the academy. It has already been two years since the old man had enrolled him in the academy. So he quickly jumped out of bed and through his cloths on while checking the wraps that hid his scares and burn marks on his arms and legs. Once he was done checking himself over he bolted out the front door and down the street towards the academy. When he got to the academy he realized that he was an hour early. So he decided to sit on the door step of the academy.

    After an hour had passed he saw his teacher walking up the path to the school entrance. So he jumped up and quickly greeted him with a big smile and a good morning. After another hour had passed the rest of the students had finally showed up. So it was time to start the final exams. Tenshin sat in his chair and waited impationtly for his teacher to call his name to take the exam. Then after a half hour his teacher finally poked his head into the class room and called his name.

    Tenshin quickly jumped out of his seat and went running out of the classroom. When he got into the exam room before the teacher even had the chance to finish he had performed a clone technique. His teacher laughed and told him that he was extremely ambishious then he passed him and handed him his head band. He was so excited he took off running out of the school and to his apartment. Where he packed up a few days worth of supplies so he could go and see the old man. So he could show him that he passed the exams.

    While he was on his way out his front door he saw the old man standing on his door step. He was so excited he threw his arms around the old man and told him how happy he was. The old man chuckled and told the boy that he was proud of him and how much he was sure his parents would have loved to be there. The boy stopped for a second and thought about how much he wish his parents were still around to see him right now. Then a few tears ran down his face.

    The old man quickly put on a smile and told the boy that he was going to take him to his favorite sushi resturant to celebrate. The boy quickly cheered up and the both of them walked down to the resturant where the boy pigged out on all the sushi he could eat. Shortly after that the old man told him that he had to start heading back home before it got to late. So the both of them said their good byes and the old man was off.

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