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    Post  Luna_Mizuki on Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:15 pm

    name: Hime Yuki Za suna
    age: looks 19

    type: anti soul reaper

    appearance: Most of the time she can be found in all red dress that has long slits on both side of her legs to make it better to move about in. She has two katanas with her all the time that her mother gave her when she was born. Her long red hair comes from her father so she thinks becouse she has never seen her mother. Her silver eyes are always watching the wold around her for some sign about how she got her powers.
    personality: She is not a very trusting person ever sense her whole family was killed for what they can do. Every time some one talks about killing some ones family she gets really mad cutting her eyes at them.

    style: She has even stronger powers then her father Gaara of the sand... and strange powers that she dose not understand what they are... ( they are the powers of the Mort family soul reaper powers)

    rank: kazekage

    clan/noble: (she is the daughter of gaara of the sand that fell in love with luna mort)

    history: Her family was killed when she was 14. Others feared what her family powers could do if it was to try to take over every thing. After the great war they saw how powerful her father was. Her power grow with every day that she was training with her father. He know that Hime was ten time stronger then he was. the night her family was wiped out gaara put her in a ball of sand to hide her from the ones trying to kill the clan, when it was all over hime opened her eyes to see a young woman with silver hair and eyes looking back at her with a sad face. Picking her up holing her tight she told her that she was a soul reaper and Gaara asked her to take care of hime for him. the woman's name was Luna Mizuki Mort. After training with Luna. Hime leaned to control her powers and that that strange power she has is a soul reaper power and how to use them. One day hime asked Luna why she was there when her clan was killed... Luna told her that she was after some thing that got loose from her home land and came to earth.

    role play example:
    Hime Slowly moved the sand with her finger in the air around her. In a quick movement some one ttys to hit hime from behind the sand moves to block the hits from hurting her as if it was always keeping her from harm. Flicking her finger out sand flow out like ropes warping around the people fighting her. with a flick of her other finger they went flying in to the air. Hime's teacher watched from a tree seeming to be laughing at her.

    Anger started to boil under her skin. Reaching both hands down to her katans at her sides pulling them out with one quick movement. both of the seem to be on fire as she moves them in front of her anger flicking in her eyes. "I did not want to hurt any one why do you train me like this? Tell me Luna!" Hime screams at her teacher.

    Running at the tree with her teacher in it slashing it in half with one quick movement setting it on fire. Sand slowly moves in the air waiting for its master to command it. her Silver eyes glare at Luna as her lips turn up to a smile putting one of the katanas away walling the sand to her at the same time. hime sets the sand on fire making it malt in to glass above luna's head.

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