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    age:28 human years 196 dog years

    type: artificially made arancar[bio engineering by soul reaper R&D]

    appearance: 6' foot tall from tip of ear to feet/tail.Black fur with white patch from under his muzzle down his mid section and on the tip of his ears.a right blue eye and left green eye.his hole is in the middle of his chest.The remains of his mask rest on the side of his left face with green marking stained in blood.powers fully bond he looks human with dog ears and a tail with two swords at that look to be one. first Resurrección he has fur and looks like a humaniod dog. second Resurrección he takes on a more animal shape on all fours looking like a dog covered in armored wolf.

    personality: Hates both Humans,Soul reapers and other hollows do to his own reason does not trust any one but a few select arancar. Loves to take out his own pain on others.

    style: Trianed in multi kido. Perfers his claws over his blade. Bala,Cero,Descorrer,Gran Rey Cero,Hierro,Pesquisa,Sonído,two Resurreccións. Konsō,Hakuda,Hohō, self healing but slower in his released forms if fully sealed his healing is unparalleled.

    rank: self a pointed ruler of Hueco Mundo, also unchallenged ruler.

    clan/noble: n/a

    history: in life he was a husky haft breed wolf who was beaten by his owner one night he was beaten tot he brink of death right before his life came to a end a Soul reaper captured his spirit to take back tot he soul reaper world where squad 12's R&D team did experiments on him turning him into a hollow making him fight other Hollows they created until he reach a level of a Vasto Lorde were they then forcefully ripped his mask off to try and create there own Arancar for study.But he was learning the whole time until he learned enough to escape to the land of the hollows knowing the soul reapers would not follow him.

    role play example: ::After Reaching Hueco Mundo he quickly closed the rift behind him cutting off the party that was chasing him, he looks up seeing he was in a dessert his eyes glancing around before noticing other around him they were Adjuchas hollow about five of them all moving in on him fast he was weak from fighting off the soul reapers and would not have the energy to fight off the Adjuchas coming at him but just as they were about to attack him two arancar appear out of no where to save him killing the Adjuchas right before passing out he saw the back of them one female with blonde hair and the other a male with blue hair. when he woke he was in Las Noches in the throne room.after years there he prove his self to be far stronger then any one in Hueco Mundo where he was given the ole of ruler by the former leader::

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