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    Alisha Nara-Uchiha

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    Alisha Nara-Uchiha Empty Alisha Nara-Uchiha

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    Name: Alisha Nara-Uchiha

    Age: Unknown, because she uses the same thing Tsunade does to hide her true age but she looks 21

    Type: Ninja

    Appearance: Alisha has deep purple eyes. Her hair is really messy so she normally keeps it in a ponytail, though her hair is quite long so it doesn’t help too much. Her hair is black, but she was in a accident and down her bangs are white. She normally wears a purple top and black shorts. She has a tattoo on her right arm of a circle with a line through it (you see it on most of the Nara’s cloths) She wears a necklace with a star on it that make it so she is practically immortal. Only her father can remove it. She is thin, but has very large breast, (she’s sort of based off Tsunade, and Matsumoto.)
    Personality: She is very lazy, but she knows when to step up and fight. She doesn’t trust very many people because of an incident with Orochimaru. She likes to get the job done as fast as she can and then end her night with a bottle of Sake. When she is upset she is normally found drinking as much Sake she can until she passes out in her office. She doesn’t like people who call her names, because she has seven children with six different fathers. She will always give someone a second chance, even if they hurt her in the worst way possible. She doesn’t believe violence can solve anything, and she does not like putting other peoples live at risk, she normally will risk her life before someone else’s at all costs. She loves her family, but most of her attention falls to her youngest son, Nicol Bolas, whose father was killed by her hands, and her daughter who was born before her two twins Rakasha. Rakasha was born from a clone, and Alisha is not sure what her potential is, she was born to two tailed beasts.

    Style: Alisha really does not like to fight, she normally uses her shadow possession to stop her enemies long enough to try to reason with him, if she’s too angry, the beast comes out and kills anything in its path. She is mostly a medical ninja.

    Rank: Aneikage, she is the founder of the hidden shadows village along with one of her adopted children,
    Clan: She is a Nara, her mother was the elder sister of Shikamaru’s father, but she father is the elder brother of Kushina Uzumaki, but she normally only tells people she is a Nara.

    History: She was born in the Hidden Leaf to Allyah Nara and Nezumi Uzumaki. Her parents were killed in the battle with the Nine Tails. When she was running to the shelter during the attack, she was caught in a blast and hit her head. Itachi Uchiha saved her life and she loved him ever sense. Her first child, Madeira Nara, was with Itachi. While she was in the Akatsuki, she was sent on a mission to spy on Orochimaru. He quickly found out about her and attacked her, causing her to have her eldest son, Domminic. She left the Akatsuki after Sasuke killed Itachi. Later, after meeting up with Sasuke again, she fell in love with him. After a very drunk night she found herself having her daughter Reggie Nara. Later in her life, she noticed herself having feelings for seven different men; she found that she had five other people living inside her. She ran away from the village, but not before someone awoke the beast within her, the Ten Tailed Black Panther, it is and off branch of the normal tailed beasts. She made clones of herself, trying to get the other voices out of her head. After a while of them running around she destroyed them. When destroying one, Ayaka, she found that the clone was pregnant. She took the child out and put her in a test tube. She named her Rakasha, meaning demon. When the child was fully developed she gave her to the father. After Rakasha, she found the remains of an old village; she fixed it up and made the village Hidden in the Shadows. After finding out Itachi was alive, she went searching for him, only to find that he only cared about breaking his bond from Kabuto, and not Alisha or their daughter. She was crying in her office, when a man found her. His name was Nikolaus Rose. She quickly fell in love with him, not caring if he hurt other women. They had Nicol Bolas Nara-Rose. Sasori found out about Nikolaus attacking women, she sentenced Nikolaus to death after sealing him in a scroll. When Nikolaus was in the scroll, she found herself bound to a new man, and this bound couldn’t be broken. She loved Ryuu more than anyone except Itachi, but she gave up on him. She found herself pregnant with twins. Nikolaus came to her using her power to speak to shadows. He asked her if she would be the one to kill him, because he wanted her to be the last thing he ever saw. Sasori agreed to this, giving Nikolaus thirty minutes to say goodbye to Nicol. After Nikolaus was dead, she lived in piece with her new husband Ryuu Uchiha. When she was in her third trimester of pregnancy, Orochimaru found her and attacked her. She went back to the man who woke up the beast and he was able to save the babies. After Azula and Keilala were born, she had to have her uterus removed and can no longer have children. When her son Nicol found out she was the one to kill his dad, he ran away from her claiming he hated her and her new husband. He came back after a talk with Sasori and said he was wrong, he really loves her, just misses Nikolaus.

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