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    Luna Mizuki Mort

    1st squad captain
    1st squad captain

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    Luna Mizuki Mort

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    name:Luna Mizuki Mort

    age: 24

    type:soul reaper

    A girl about 5 feet 5 inches tall her black sun dress huged her slender body. Her long silver hair that if you look at it wrong looks purple or blue hangs down her back from her pony tale on the top of her head even with the pony tale it still touches the ground at the tip of her hair would be a silver round clip holding it. Her silver eyes matched her silver hair as if someone painted them that way.Most of the time any one sees her out side of her office unless she is on duty noone woudl think that she is the Captain-Commander. The only time she wears her captain's coat is when she has to be in her office or doing her job. Always at her side are her two Zanpakutō that look like Katana.
    Luna has some what of a split peranality. When she is in her office or there is something to do with work going on she is always stricked and by the books but as soon as she takes the captains coat off she is layed back with not a care in the world. She loves to go to earth seeing how the people there are living.
    the things she loves is tea , people on earth, any clothing black and her katanas. She loves her katanas becose they alway keeped her from being lonly when she was training. The things she hates are mean people, people the don't do thier work(but only when she is in captain mode) she really dislikes her white captain coat because it is white her family always made her wear white(the reason she loves black so much) the last thing she hates is people talking about her mother or father like they know them.

    The four elements and thier combos
    Little is known about her way of fighting noone but her family and the noble familys has ever seen her fight. the only thing that is known is that her family has strange powers that only the head of the family has till the next head is born. Wen chosen to be the Captain-Commander it was her family that helped her knowing that she will do everthing to protect the soul society.


    clan/noble: Mort /Squad 1 captain

    Luna's mother was from the Kuchiki Clan but died when she was born. Her father is from a noble family that not many know about thier name was Mort. the Mort clan only can in to the light after Luna was born right as her father the head of the family died. At ten years of age luna started to show her family the strange powers that she had. the clan has the powers of the elements in everyone of thier Zanpakutō but Luna showed them a great power that her father had befor he died from that day on they trained her to be the head of the family and a great soul reaper like her mother and father.At the age of sixteen she became the head of the mort family/clan.

    role play example: (past rp Example)
    Luna sat in her room of the Mort's family home. She did not Know why she was to be come the head of the family at such a young age she is only sixteen. Slowly turning her head to look in to the mirror the is on her desk her silver eyes shining in the light of the day stared back at her holding no anwsers for her millon question that Luna had in her head.Ager flashes in her eyes as she stands up heading out her bed room down down the hall and out the back door to the Dojo in the back yard.
    the door to the dojo flys open with a crack Luna reaches to the right side of the door grabing her Katana's flash steping to the middle of the dojo, with Katanas in hand she starts to pratice her swordmenship. If any one was to be watching her it would look as if she was dancing with her self cutting though the air with ease. Soon sweat starts to fly off her body each droplet getting tourn to pieces as she cuts them down befor they hit the grown. About twenty minute got but her anger still in her mind the swet drops start to freeze when hit by her right Katana or turn in to steam if hit by the left. Luna notice the her Katana start to talk to her asking her "what is wrong today?" in they kind voices
    luna stops her pratice after talking to her Katanas for about an hour they always made her feel better when she was praticing. Slowly luna started to clean the dojo of the mess she made still talking to her swords." What am i to do as the head Raichi? they have had me work so hard for something that I have no clue why I have to be head of the family I'm a girl... for christ sake..." luna's voice was soft but angery."You have your fathers powers that is why you are the first girl head of the family... it is time for change... luna belive in your self..." Raichi/riachia calmly says to luna.

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