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    World history


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    World history

    Post  Tenshin on Tue Jun 12, 2012 12:38 pm

    many years after the naruto and ichigo era a horrible war had broken out that caused a giant terr in the space time continuam fusing the Shinobi world with the soul reaper world. After this happened the two worlds decided to make an alliance and make the best of this oppertunity, but not only that the arancars and rogue shinobi's also teamed up and decided to go to war with five great nations and he soul society. After the end of that war a few soul reapers and shinobi got together and decided to share their skills. that was the birth of the anti soul reapers. The anti soul reapers dont have all the same powers as both sides but they abilities they do have are five times stronger than normal. So now it is up to the five great nations and the soul society to get back together and extinguish evil doers.

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