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    village wars ranking


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    village wars ranking Empty village wars ranking

    Post  Tenshin on Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:34 pm

    okay heres a list of the village rankings. If a great ninja war brakes out then one or more wins can be dished out. If that is the case though's villages get a win, but they have to have a tiebreaker match.

    Hidden leaf:wins:0/losses:0/draws:0

    Hidden sand:wins:0/losses:0/draws:0

    Hidden mist:wins:0/losses:0/draws:0

    Hidden rock:wins:0/losses:0/draws:0

    Hidden cloud:wins:0/losses:0/draws:0

    soul society:wins:0/losses:0/draws:0

    Hueco mundo:wins:0/losses:0/draws:0

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