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    Sasaki clan


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    Sasaki clan Empty Sasaki clan

    Post  Tenshin on Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:03 pm

    name: Sasaki clan

    leader: Tenshin Sasaki

    description: The Sasaki clan is one of the newest clans to the leaf village. The clans founder was only 19 when he began creating the clan. The reasons for him to create the clan was to keep order in the land of fire. Since the rapid development of the clan a lot of other clans and villages see them as threats. There for it has become pretty common that assassins have attacked the clan members while outside the village.

    The clans secret technique isnt spread among all the clan members only the ones that are pure of heart. Even if you get the technique geneticly you wont be able to unleash the full potential of it unless they get it physically passed down to them. Only 5 members are allowed to have the physical form of the technique at a time to control the power of the clan.

    specific element: The Sasaki clan has techniquley three elements. They have two basic elements which are wind and water, but they can combine them to make ice. All clan members that carry the bloodline of the clan have this ability.

    secret technique: seishin ikasama (mind trickery). This technique mainly works as a paralysis jutsu and a enhancement jutsu, but at a cost that can be deadly to the user if not used correctly. The technique lies in the eyes and the mind of the wielder.

    The Seishin Ikasama comes in five different levels. Level 1 allows the wielder to slightly enhance 1 or more senses tempararely. Level 2 allows the wielder to enhance the senses even more, but at the same time allows them to use the level 1 technique for longer. Level 3 is almost exactly like the 1st and 2nd level except for the enhancement technique is raised. This level also gives the wielder the capabilities to impair its opponents senses. The duritation of this technique depends on how much chakra the wielder has since it quickly depleates the wielders chakra when used. Level 4 most clan members cant reach unless they have a high amount of chakra. This level not only allows the wielder to enhance their senses and impair their opponents senses but it also allows the wielder to use ice style jutsu. The consequenses for using this level is also greater because for using the sense enhancement and sense impairing techniques puts an even harder toll on the body, including complete loss of that sense. Level 5 is physically impossible to reach unless you have the Seishin Ikasama passed down to you physically. This level of the technique also has almost no weakness except it drains the chakra at a very fast pace. That is why everyone that is chosen to become one of the five has a very high amount of chakra.

    number of clan members: 5 physical and 30 genetic. the clans current statues is open for genetic members but if you want to be a genetic member you have to pm me and i'll let you know if we have any possitions open.

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