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    Hyuga clan


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    Hyuga clan Empty Hyuga clan

    Post  Tenshin on Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:38 am

    name: Hyuga clan

    leader: There really isnt a leader but clan war purposes I'll put Tenshin Sasaki

    description: The Hyuga clan is said to be descendants of the uchiha clan. A specific characteristic that all Hyuga clan members possess is completely white eyes and its more common for a Hyuga clan member to have the Byacugan eye. Than it is for a Uchiha member to have the Sharingan. This clan is sepurated into two groups; Branch family members, and main family members.

    specific element:This clan specializes in a advanced for of taijutsu that is enhanced when the user uses the Byacugan.

    secret technique: The main secret technique is he byacugan which allows the wielder to see a opponents chakra points and have 360 degree vision almost giving them zero blind spots. Other techniques that is special to the Hyuga clan is eight trigrams 64 palms, Guardian eight trigrams 64 palms, eight trigrams rotation, sky palms, gentle fist twin lion fist, sky wall palms, and mountain palms.

    Hyuga clan Hinata026

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